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Terms of Service of Palm Jobs

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Introduction to Palm Jobs’ Terms of Service

Each time you access or use Palm Jobs’ online and mobile services, websites, including any Palm Jobs mobile applications, browser extensions or plugins, and any software, service, feature, product, program, and element provided by or on behalf of Palm Jobs on or in connection with such services or websites (collectively referred to as the “Palm Jobs Apps”), you are engaging with a comprehensive digital platform designed to connect job seekers, employers, and recruiters. This includes all products, programs, and services described in these Terms of Service, and your use of them signifies your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions (the “Agreement”).

When you interact with any part of the Palm Jobs Apps, you represent that:

  • ● You have read and understood our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy: Your interaction with the Palm Jobs Apps implies that you are aware of our data collection methods, the purpose for the data collection, and how we manage the data, as detailed in our Privacy Policy. You also acknowledge our use of cookies and similar technologies, as outlined in our Cookie Policy, which is designed to enhance your user experience on our platform.
  • ● You agree to the Terms of Service: By using any part of the Palm Jobs Apps, you are expressly agreeing to all the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement. This Agreement governs your access to and use of the Palm Jobs Apps, and any services, features, or content provided through the Palm Jobs platform.

1. General Terms Applicable to All Users

Welcome to Palm Jobs. By accessing or using our platform, you agree to these terms and acknowledge your understanding and commitment to comply with them. Our platform serves as a bridge between job seekers, employers, and recruiters, facilitating the sharing of opportunities and engagement in recruitment activities. We require all users to adhere to the rule of law and avoid posting

misleading, false, or inappropriate content. Your privacy is paramount, and we are dedicated to protecting your personal data as outlined in our Privacy Policy. The content on Palm Jobs, including texts, graphics, and logos, is our intellectual property or that of our licensors and is safeguarded by copyright laws. We offer our services "as is" and disclaim all warranties to the extent permissible by law. We won't be liable for indirect damages arising from your use of our service and reserve the right to terminate or suspend your access for any violations of these terms. These terms are subject to change, and any modifications will be effective upon posting on the site. All services are governed by Ethiopian law, and any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of Ethiopian courts.

2. Specific Terms for Job Seekers

Creating an account on Palm Jobs obliges you to provide accurate and current information and maintain your account's security. Our platform enables you to search for and apply to job listings. However, we cannot guarantee job placement. It is expected that all submitted content, including resumes and cover letters, be truthful, professional, and free from offensive material. Your interactions with employers and recruiters should be conducted professionally. Remember, your use of Palm Jobs is for non-commercial purposes only.

Additional Provisions for Job Seekers:

  • ● Job Listings and Ads: You have access to Job Ads for various employment opportunities. Although searching for jobs on Palm Jobs is free, these Job Ads are considered advertising and are presented based on a combination of factors including employer compensation to Palm Jobs and relevance to your search criteria.
  • ● Resume and Profile Services: When you create or upload your resume, you authorize us to review it and provide feedback. This could include job recommendations, improvements, and insights on making your resume more effective. The decision to use any provided feedback rests solely with you.
  • ● Applying to Jobs: While we strive to list genuine job opportunities, we do not guarantee the validity of job offers. You are responsible for verifying the authenticity of employers and job offers. Caution is advised before making any significant decisions based on job listings.

3. Specific Terms for Employers and Recruiters

As an employer or recruiter using Palm Jobs, you must register your account with accurate company information and are accountable for the content of your job postings. Job listings should be transparent, accurate, and in compliance with non-discrimination and other applicable laws. It's crucial to treat candidate data with strict confidentiality and use it solely for legitimate recruitment purposes. Fraudulent activities or misrepresentation of job offers are strictly prohibited.

Additional Provisions for Employers:

  • ● Company Pages and Enhanced Profiles: We provide features like Company Pages and Enhanced Profiles to help you present a comprehensive image of your company. You're responsible for any content you edit or add to these pages.
  • ● Job Ads and Listings: When you post Job Ads on Palm Jobs, be aware that they are a form of advertising and should be treated as such. We expect all job ads to be clear, accurate, and compliant with relevant laws. The placement and presentation of these ads may be influenced by various factors, including any compensation arrangement with Palm Jobs.

4. User Content and Conduct

On Palm Jobs, user content encompasses a wide range of materials, including but not limited to job postings, resumes, and messages. You retain ownership of your content but grant us a license to use it for operational purposes. We urge our users to post content responsibly and prohibit any illegal, offensive, or rights-infringing posts. We encourage reporting of inappropriate content, which we will review and may remove at our discretion.

Additional Provisions for General User Conduct:

  • ● Responsibility for Content: You are solely responsible for the content you post, including its legality and appropriateness. We reserve the right to remove content that violates these terms.
  • ● Interaction Guidelines: All users must conduct themselves professionally and respectfully in their interactions. Harassment, discrimination, and other inappropriate behaviors are not tolerated.
  • ● Security and Account Integrity: You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and for all activities under your account. Any unauthorized use of your account should be reported immediately.

5. Applying to Jobs Through Palm Jobs

  • ● Application Process: Job seekers can apply to jobs through Palm Jobs. We facilitate the application process but are not involved in the hiring decisions of employers.
  • ● Job Offer Validity: While we aim to list credible job opportunities, we cannot guarantee the validity of all job offers. Job seekers are advised to verify the authenticity of job offers independently.
  • ● Responsibility for Applications: You are solely responsible for the content of your applications and for ensuring that you have the right to submit such content.

6. Salary and Other Information

  • ● Salary Information: We may provide salary estimates and other job-related data for informational purposes. These figures are approximations and subject to change.
  • ● Use of Information: You should use the information provided on Palm Jobs as a general guide. We are not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of this information.

7. Employer Services and Responsibilities

  • ● Employer Accounts: Employers must maintain accurate and up-to-date company information on their accounts and in their job postings.
  • ● Company Pages and Enhanced Profiles: Employers have the opportunity to create Company Pages and Enhanced Profiles, which they are responsible for managing and updating.
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